Snep the mix thea

The detoxication of the body has beneficial effects also on metabolism and retention of body fluids. Cleanse our body affects so even our beauty. Water retention is the body tendency to retain fluids, which generally stagnate in the accumulation of fat proper areas (abdomen, thighs and buttocks): it causes a swelling of tissues (edema) due to the accumulation of fluids, in which we find numerous toxins. The causes of the stagnation of fluids and toxin production can be various: the stress that unbalances the production of hormones, a venous circulation problem, the pollution produced by modern society, and not least a wrong diet. Snep Lemon Tea and Mixed Tea have a draining and antioxidant effect, due to its numerous natural components that act synergistically to help draining excessive fluids, removing toxins
and restoring a proper metabolic balance. Snep Lemon Tea and Mixed Tea can help the functionality of the venous circulation and
microcirculation, and drainage of body fluids. Antioxidants may help the liver and kidneys to drain away the toxins present in fluids.
Snep Lemon Tea and Mixed Tea, combined with a healthy lifestyle, not sedentary and a high-fiber diet, help prevent and resolve
water retention and the related metabolic and aesthetic problems.
Snep Lemon Tea and Mixed Tea contain natural substances with CERTIFIED quality.