Why you should include broccoli in your diet.

Here are some reasons why you should include broccoli in your diet at least once a week.

Facilitates digestion
Rich in sulfur and fiber, broccoli can balance the digestive process, reduce constipation and soothe the symptoms of indigestion. It is a balanced vegetable, which can be eaten in moderate amounts even by people with gastritis, gastric reflux or other similar digestive disorders.

Strengthens the immune system

Broccoli is rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C, but also contains moderate levels of zinc and selenium. All these nutrients help us in the fight against toxins, viruses and bacteria, strengthening the immune system and the natural protection of the body. It helps you lose weight Because it regulates digestion, broccoli can be your ally during a diet, when changing your diet can give you headaches. In addition, it can reduce appetite, lower blood sugar and have very few calories.
Improves eyesight.
 Broccoli contains lutein and vitamin A, two substances important for eye health. Eating broccoli will not necessarily make you see better, but it will keep your eye tissues healthy and prevent diseases such as cataracts. Delays aging Vitamin C in broccoli is one of the best antioxidants and prevents the onset of degenerative diseases. It helps us fight free radicals and promotes the proliferation of healthy cells at the expense of diseased or carcinogenic ones.
Supports the nervous system Broccoli also contains potassium, a mineral essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system. Regular consumption of broccoli can improve memory and attention and can prevent conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's. Regulates blood pressure Magnesium and calcium in broccoli have beneficial effects on blood pressure, which it balances. At the same time, lutein and vitamins B6 and B9 keep arteries healthy and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. 
Strengthens bones 
The combination of calcium and vitamin K, both of broccoli, restore bone density and prevent osteoporosis.
Protects the skin from UV rays Broccoli contains glucorafanin, a substance that protects the skin and acts as a barrier between UV rays and the skin. The same substance can restore the skin in case of minor sunburn. 
Prevents cancer
Broccoli also has a strong anticancer action, due to the antioxidants in the composition. In addition, a substance called indole-3-carbinol has recently been discovered in broccoli, which prevents the development of many types of cancer. It has a pleasant taste and can be combined with almost anything Broccoli is a vegetable with a delicate taste, very fresh, which can be combined with sweet, salty and sour. You can use it for pasta, along with ham and cream sauce, you can au gratin with different types of cheese or cheese, you can add it to soups or juices along with other vegetables and you can use it in salads, in countless combinations.
It is also suitable for children Children over 1 year can eat broccoli without problems. You can prepare the little one's soup from several vegetables, including broccoli, or you can steam it and add 2-3 bunches to another dish.
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