Ginger, lemon, cinamon and honey

The combination of ginger, lemon and honey is a recipe for immunity. It is difficult to find healthier foods, especially in winter, when the body overcomes a large number of bacteria and pathogenic infections. In the article, we consider the rules for making a drink from ginger, lemon, honey for immunity, weight loss and colds. We will also find out how to properly prepare a mixture of vitamins, how useful it is and what contraindications it has.
The mixture is effective as a gargle that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition to indoor use, it is suitable for outdoor use. If cinnamon is added to the composition, then you can use it as a firm hair mask. The mixture improves and accelerates the body's metabolic processes. Such a magical combination of products is also accepted as an antipyretic, analgesic. Softens the lining of the throat during complex diseases - tonsillitis or flu.
Ginger is a spice that has no particular contraindications. The only thing that can cause allergic reactions. But this is individual.
As for honey and lemon, we should pay attention to the harm that each product can cause to the individual body, as well as in the aggregate. It is dangerous to consume such a cocktail with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, especially those that have erosion or an ulcer. Use with caution in people with high blood pressure. It is not recommended to take it in pregnant women and women during breastfeeding, but if there is more benefit from the treatment mixture than harm, after consulting a doctor, it can be used as a remedy. Honey, in combination with lemon, dilutes the blood, so you should not use them during bleeding.
Ginger is the strongest diaphoretic, much stronger than lentils or raspberries. Therefore, if you decide to treat a cold with its help, then it is better to do it in the evening. In the morning, it is enough to drink a teaspoon, washed with warm water. If you decide to take the prophylaxis mixture, it is enough to take one teaspoon each, washed with warm water in the morning and evening. It is not necessary to reproduce it with boiling water. Hot water destroys all the beneficial substances found in honey.
Tea made from ginger, lemon and honey is a recipe for immunity, which has been tested in practice. Cooking is not difficult. It can be drunk in a thermos and consumed in winter throughout the day and can be served refrigerated as a lemonade in summer.
 Honey, lemon, ginger - the recipes for immunity and weight loss are identical. Ginger plays a major role in this drink as a fat burner. It faces the breakdown of fats. This is due to a more active supply of oxygen to the cells, which affects the process of burning fat and turning it into the energy needed by the body. But you should not have high hopes and believe that, after drinking a cup of drink, you will solve all your problems with the fact that you are overweight. It helps to deal with the problem comprehensively. Drink ginger, lemon and honey - an effective recipe for immunity. It should be taken regularly throughout the day for a month. Don't forget to eat and exercise properly.
It is a fairly common supplement to main dishes, which is effective for health: First of all, root culture is useful for both the stomach and intestines (in the absence of their diseases). It has an irritating effect on the intestinal wall, while digestion is normalized. In addition, food is digested much faster, and the nutrients in it are absorbed much better. The root is also used to prevent diseases of the digestive system. The structure of the root contains B vitamins. It contributes to the proper functioning of the brain.
Thinking accelerates and memory gets better. The root vegetable is rich in potassium and magnesium, ie. Potassium helps to normalize blood pressure, and magnesium helps to strengthen the heart muscles and the walls of blood vessels. Ginger root contains various essential oils. They have tonic, antiseptic and antioxidant properties. This is why this product is often used as a remedy to remedy skin problems. Ginger is a low-calorie product and, in addition, helps to speed up the metabolism. That is why it is often used. 
This product is also surprising in that, to some extent, its effect on the body is twofold. Indeed, under the influence of ginger root, gastric juice is produced in large quantities, after which you want to eat even more. So a good appetite is guaranteed. Especially if you cook ginger, lemon and honey according to a special recipe.
Everyone knows that ginger and lemon are a good combination. what is so good for health is quite simple. To cook it, take boiling water, ginger and lemon. If desired, add mint or cinnamon. This will diversify our recipe. In addition, it is useful for health to use mint: For starters, rub a piece of ginger finely on a grater. After that, strain the lemon juice and add it to the resulting suspension, which should be mixed and left for 15-20 minutes. Then all this is poured with boiling water and insisted for a while.

Another recipe with ginger,lemon, Cinamon and honey.

Two or three lemons

One ginger root

Cinamon sticks or powder


Wash the lemons very well, cut them in cubes and put them into a jar.

Cut the ginger root also and add it to lemons. Add three Cinamon sticks or one tea spoon powder.

Then cover all with honey.

Cover and put it into the fridge for one week. How to serve it? Put two spoons of mixture into the cup and add boiled water. That’s it!

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