Egg and spinach muffins

Egg and spinach muffins – ideal choise for breakfast.


  1. Eggs
  2. Grated cheese ( chedar cheese)
  3. Spinach leafs
  4. Smoked bacon
  5. Salt, pepper.
  6. Calories per serving 170

Put the eggs, cheese, salt, pepper, spinach leafs into a bowl and mix them good.

Cook the bacon appart.

Then add the cooked bacon to eggs and mix them.

Use a muffins tray greased with oil. Put the mixture in it ( around three, 4 spoons in each muffin shape). You can add grated parmesan cheese on top of each if you want.

Bake it into the oven 30 minutes at 180° . After 30 minutes take them out from the oven and leave for 30 minutes to cool down and then take them out from the tray. And this is the final result.