What to do to ignite your brown fat…

Here’s all you need to do to ignite your Brown Fat…

First, start with a warm, but NOT hot, shower to begin your day, and then at the end of your shower, slowly begin to make the water cooler and cooler.

When the water is very cool, but not yet cold, simply turn off the hot water completely and allow the cold water to rain gently on your shoulders, chest and back (which is where most of your body’s brown fat stores are) – invigorating your body

It only takes about 30 seconds to benefit from this activity, but you’ll soon find it so refreshing that you’ll want to stay in the cold water for up to several minutes.

Step out of the shower to towel off and you’ll instantly feel the difference in your body!

Now, I’m not going to promise you that this is a ‘miracle weight loss cure,’ but it will absolutely help you burn more fat, while also revitalizing your entire body – both inside and out

That’s it!

Before you decide this is much too extreme and crazy for you and you could NEVER take a cold shower, let me tell you WHY this works so incredibly well…

Brown Fat’s role is to act as a “rapid reaction force” that signals your body’s fat cells to generate heat when it feels cold, right?

That extra heat literally burns fat as it’s used for the energy you need to keep you warm

By standing under cold water, your Brown Fat cells are instantly called into action to tell the body you need to get warm and to start generating heat

This is why when you jump into a cool lake or pool you initially feel like you’re freezing, but in a minute or so you don’t even notice the cold at all.

It’s not that the lake or pool got warmer – Your body is simply responding by triggering the mitochondria of your fat cells to generate internal heat while your heart pumps that heat to your skin to warm you up.

As this happens your capillaries are expanded, and toxins are flushed out of your system allowing fresh, oxygenated blood to be circulated throughout your body, revitalizing your organs and invigorating the glands of your endocrine system

In essence, not only have you turbo charged your body’s fat burning metabolism, but your entire body gets an “instant tune up” that will leave you feeling refreshed & energized throughout the entire day!

And the best part is it really takes no extra effort on your part.

Easy enough, right?  

Here’s what you should do next…

Next you’re going to discover some extremely SIMPLE tricks that you can apply to your daily life to BALANCE your hormones, BOOST your metabolism, and fire up your fat-burning machine inside your body…  there are 101 total “tricks” you can use to flatten your stomach faster and get lean, including these :

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  • Fat-Burning Trick #15:     The amazing “super-food” that in one clinical study, dissolved away more than 10 extra pounds in 12 weeks…WITHOUT DIETING or any other lifestyle changes!
  • Fat-Burning Trick #99:    The candle (yes, candle) that can help maximize your body’s own natural release of age-defying, fat-melting growth hormone and have less fat on your body within the next 8 hours!

Some of these fat-burning tricks are odd, some are crazy, some involve your diet, others exercise, and some involve your mind – but they all have one thing in common… they are all SIMPLE!